What Sets A1 Apart From Other Companies

What sets A1 Transportation and Funeral Services apart from our competition is that our staff includes licensed funeral directors and embalmers. From the moment we get a call it is being handled by professionals for your company. Another way we set ourselves apart from the rest is that we carry a $5 million dollar umbrella policy, $1 million dollar general liability policy, and $1 million dollar auto policy. We are here to assist your company in any way we can including removals, long haul transport, staffing, or even trade work. Call us if you have any questions (404) 850-4848.


We are always here to help your company

If you have any questions about pricing or don't see something listed that your company needs feel free to calls us and we can discuss options to cover those needs.

We have licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers on staff available to assist your Funeral Home at any time. We have special rate for Georgia National Services. As well as special rates for vacation coverage for you Funeral Home. If you would like to know more about these options and many more feel free to email a1funeralservice@gmail.com or call us at
(404) 850-4848


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A1 Transportation and Funeral Service